Ludum Dare 26 Results!

After 3 weeks of judging here are the results!
This was my first Ludum Dare ever and i couldn’t be more astonished, i can totally say i had a BLAST!
I think i did pretty well with Earth Defender (I got a gold medal ^.^), i’m so happy my game has got these results. Now i’m ready to do better in the next LD… YEAH!
Congratulations to all the participants, and thanks to everyone who rated my game!

Give it another play!

See you in another LD!

LD #26 Post mortem

Earth Defender is my enscreen3try to Ludum Dare 26 (my first LD ever).  I really loved the theme “Minimalism” and it was a challenge for me creating for the first time a game with this theme, for this reason i decided to enter in the Jam competition so i could have a little more time to make Earth Defender ^.^

What happened?

I’ve been programming since last year almost in JAVA, my favourite language, so i’ve chosen to create a game in java within 72 hours using Eclipse as IDE and Graphics Gale to make the pixel art. When the competition has started it was night in my time zone, for this reason i could start working on my game only after 7 hours from the begin! But i got immediately an idea “Make a classic space game where you are the hero and you have to save the world from an alien invasion!“, i was pretty lucky ^.^!

First i started working on the collision detection (1st day) and i finished to code the game within about 30 hours! Then, using Graphics Gale, i made the pixel art, the sprites and the background! I made first the spaceship and the background (with a pixelated earth) and then the alien ships, it was very funny and exciting making the “Actors” of my own game!Finally after less than 50 hours i submitted Earth Defender as a jam entry, Ludum Dare 26 was certainly an unforgettable experience.

To play and rate Earth Defender go here ^.^

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Welcome to HelkeGames!
Finally the official website is almost finished, but what can you do here?
Well, HelkeGamelogos is an indie game developer studio founded in 2012 by Hellequin (Joe Recupero).
So in this website you can download and play my games and my Ludum Dare entries absolutely for free!
Also if you sign in this website, you’ll be able to write comments, to participate in discussions and actually you’ll get access to a lot of other functions (promotion to moderator, editor…).
So what are you still doing here? Sign in in for free now!

- Hellequin