Earth Defender

Title: Earth Defender
Developers: Joe Recupero (Hellequin)
Genre: 2D shooter
Platform: PC
Environment: Java
Development: 26/04/13 – 29/04/13 (3 days – LD 26 Jam entry)
Softpedia Clean Award

Earth Defender, an Helkegames production for Ludum Dare 26!
You play as the first space division commander, a hero who must save the world from an alien invasion. You are the only one who can defeat them and save the world.

In the year 2592 aliens are going to invade the earth. Defeat them and save the world

Choose between three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard (if you want a real challenge choose the Hard level). But be careful, don’t waste shots, you have LIMITED AMMO proportional to the level of difficulty!
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